July 6 – whites arrived

We ran back to the scene of the bloody crime from yesterday hoping for action at least half as good. It was a choppy 3-5 foot sea with winds 15 knots out of the SW. we got into action on the troll at 600am and it didn’t take long to get our first bite, and we hooked up a white marlin on the Downsea blue tuna flare. Jim got a clean release. About an hour later the left mid rigger blue and white tuna flare had a big hole created on it and we were on. Dana battled it out and boated the 50 pound yellowfin tuna!

As we were setting lines back out another white marlin came into the spread wreaking havoc on our spreader bars until I was able to switch him again to my left long Downsea blue tuna flare and converted that one for Jim’s second release. After that the fishing went flat! We had a long lull until 100pm we got 4 big bites and came tight on 3. We managed to get all three 50# class yellowfin tunas in the boat to make the day a great one!

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