Fish DownSea Tackle

For those who don’t know, I am the Co-Owner of Fish Downsea Tackle Company. We are always trying to fill the voids in the tackle industry with new and innovative fishing products to help you put more fish on your deck and more flags on your riggers! We are constantly expanding and evolving with the demands of fishermen.

You can see the full line of fishing products we offer along with of great videos and a very detailed HOW TO section on our website at  Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions you may have regarding our products and even for any tips and techniques on how to effectively use our tackle to catch more fish. I am all about trying to get that edge in tournaments to catch that extra fish I need for the win, and Fish Downsea has a lineup that helps me with that in every way.

Our most popular items are our Dredge Shads as they are the most lifelike lure you can add to a dredge, and they also mix in well with natural dredges, especially the smoke and mirrors color scheme. Cover them up with our Dredge Flares or even use them to cover your natural baits for more color and flash.

Also very popular are our new Chugger Heads, available in 3 sizes and many color options. They are designed to be used with circle hooks but work just as well with J Hooks. Add some Party Hats and Party Skirts (the best way to add color and flash to your circle hook ballyhoo without impairing your hookup ratio) into the mix in your circle hook spread and game on!

We have so many more great products from our Tuna Flares and 2 Ounce Tuna Flares for Meat Fishing, and the Wahoojo for wahoo fishing. Our latest creation are the Fish Downsea Flying Fish which are super strong and make lots of commotion on the surface making them a phenomenal teaser especially when rigged as a daisy chain.