Inshore Box

Inshore Fishing HOW TO Videos, Tips, Tricks, and Tactics 

TACKLE TALK: Tips for Trolling Striped Bass VIDEO

TACKLE TALK: Tips for Jigging and Popping Striped Bass VIDEO

Big Striped Bass Trolling Arsenal

For Fall Striper Fishing off of Southern NJ when the striped bass are eating bunker, this is my trolling arsenal of choice for the bigger bass. Mojo Jigs and Stretch 30s or Bomber CD30s do the trick!


2 responses to “Inshore Box

  1. Mike Jediny

    Great videos, I’ve learned a lot off your learning curve of experience. Do you troll these mojos single or tandem? In the videos it looks like single, but I’m not guessing. Thanks for sharing your information.

    • Thanks for the good words, I am happy to hear when people enjoy the videos. In the video were were trolling with light line for an Women’s IGFA line class record striped bass for Maureen Klause, so we could only troll a single mojo because tandem rigs are not IGFA legal – and the singles worked just fine. That said, if I was trolling on a regular day I would troll tandems for sure, they certainly are effective.

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