This page is a devoted “How-To” for fishing.  It goes from general topics all of the way to finite details like how to tie certain knots, rigging, etc.  Fishing is an evolving sport, and there are always new tips, techniques and strategies.  Be sure to check back here as often as possible for new updates. Keep an eye out for my articles in On The Water Magazine and the Big Game Fishing Journal.

For OFFSHORE Specific How Tos, Tips & Tricks CLICK HERE

For INSHORE Specific How Tos, Tips & Tricks CLICK HERE

Latest Press:

Be sure to look into the “Big Game Journal” and “Marlin Magazine” for articles written by Captain Ricky Wheeler


Latest TACKLE TALK Videos, How Tos, Tips, Tricks and Tactics with Captain Ricky Wheeler

HOW TO Make a Dredge Pin Rig VIDEO

DREDGE FISHING: HOW TO Pull a Dredge from a Small Boat VIDEO

HOW TO Make a Wire Ballyhoo Pin Rig for Wahoo VIDEO

HOW TO Make a Ballyhoo Pin Rig for Trolling Tuna VIDEO

TACKLE TALK: Tips for Jigging and Popping Striped Bass VIDEO

HOW TO Tie a Perfection Loop and Snell A Circle Hook – white marlin/sailfish rig for trolling naked ballyhoo VIDEO

“HOW TO Rig Naked Ballyhoo with O-Ring Rigs for Circle Hook Fishing” – TACKLE TALK from Captain Ricky Wheeler’s Episode 5 2014: White Marlin Birthday VIDEO

“Troll Pro How To” – How to setup and use a TrollPro and get Dredge Cam Shots VIDEO

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