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3/20 Big Torpedos!!!

Today was our second day here in San Sal and it produced exactly what we were looking for, a 107 pound wahoo! With calm seas and mostly sunny skies, the weather was perfect again! First bite on the deep rod with a split tail mullet winds up with Sid hooked into a solid wahoo. It made a short screaming run, then had enough. I wired it up to my gaff, joe ran down from the bridge to sink the second gaff in and on the deck she went. Wahoooooooo!!!!

We managed to get two more wahoo, one got Sharked unfortunately and we got half, and also 4 nice dolphins. The action was spread out throughout the day, and there was plenty of life between the birds and fish breaking the surface all day. Extremely fun day of fishing!




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3/18 and 3/19

We got out first group (Jeff, Sid, and Ronny) in at Cat Island on Monday night and got all settled in. We started off fishing Cat on Tuesday and got into a few dolphin and small tunas, but no wahoo. It was blowing 15-25 out of the south all day, but we still made our way to San Salvador.

Today (3/19) we had flat calm seas and it was cloudy throughout most of the day with a little rain. We fished the ridge with one wahoo bite that bit the trolling weight, but otherwise slow start. Joe pushed off to the hump where we had 4 wahoos on. Lost one on the initial run, and put 2/3 into the boat in the 40-60 pound range and were Sid and Ronny’s first wahoos. Congratulations guys! We dropped lines it right away and WHAM! Another wahoo on! Jeff brought in the 35-40 pound hoo nicely.

We started seeing a few more frigates and dolphin were picking at a bait here and there as we out a few of those into the box along with a lot of little blackfin tunas. We had a nice bull that was easily over 40 pounds eat a skirted ballyhoo behind the trolling weight, but managed to throw the hook after a couple amazing jumps. That one was a heartbreaker!

Anyway, pretty solid start to the trip with a great group of guys. Looking forward to another 2 days fishing in San Sal!


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Day 1 – FL to Nassau

Well we made it to Nassau and are laid up for the night at Hurricane Hole Marina. Uneventful 160 mile crossing, and that’s exactly what we like when we are moving a boat. Flat calm the whole ride so we were able to wash the boat down, clean up inside, and rig up a bunch of of stuff to get ready for 2 months of fishing. We just took a walk through Atlantis and it really is a pretty amazing place. They paid a lot of attention to detail and the yachts in the marina are so awesome to see. Tomorrow morning we leave for Cat Island which will be home sweet home for awhile. Looking forward to being there again!


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4/22 Action!!!

Today was about as EPIC as fishing gets.  Due to the Transmission problem on the OverUnder, we were able to use a friend’s boat for the final day, a 52′ Viking called “So What”  We had a stiff 15 knot SE wind and is was obvious a new, better piece of water moved into the area.  We had a lot of scattered weed again.  As I was letting out the first line a white marlin piled onto the bait and he was hooked up well for a while then popped off.  Everything was super aggressive today, and dolphin were crushing our teasers!  Early in the day Mark got to tangle with a nice Bull that turned out to weigh 54.5 pounds.  It put on an awesome aerial display after it was hooked and after a solid 15 minute battle the fish was in the boat.

We fished around the Caves most of the day and had a lot of bilfish bites.  We managed to pick up a sailfish and a shortbill spearfish was a really wild catch since you rarely ever see them.  We had 4 sailfish bites, a blue marlin, 3 white marlin, and the spearfish come into our spread today.  It was one of those days where things just didn’t quite pan out right with the marlin.  Some would get hooked and jump off, and some were just flat out blind bites and missed.  Needless to say it was frustrating since we missed a solid shot at a Super Slam, but it was an action packed day of fishing and everyone was amped.  Thanks to Gary, Rich, Mark, and Drew for fishing with us!  We definitely had an awesome time!

DSCN0988 DSCN0998DSCN0963DSCN0996

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4/10 Hang Em High

66 pound bull dolphin!!!

I ended up getting asked to fish/mate on a 63 foot Bertram called Full Time. They were short handed with only the captain an mate for the last day of the Hang Em High Meat Tournament here in Hawks Nest Marina. I was amped to get back out on the water! The wind was blowing hard out of the SE at 20-25 knots, but SE is a favorable wind to fish here. It was pretty rough, but the fishing was on fire all day! We ended up whacking a lot of dolphin and 2 little wahoo in the first two hours. The best part was one of those dolphin was a big bull that we knew was a contender. We ended up catching quite a few dolphin over 30 lbs and I caught my personal best, a 43 pounder.

A little later we picked up a better wahoo that weighed in at 53 pounds and the bull dolphin ended up weighing a whopping 66 pounds. The big bull ate the old faithful blue/white Ilander Flasher with a horse ballyhoo and all of our wahoos ate a naked swimming mullet trolled behind a trolling weight to get it down. The dolphin ended up winning the whole tournament and the 53 pound wahoo helped pull together a hefty winning stringer for the tournament which consists of total weight of your biggest tuna, dolphin, and wahoo. It’s nice to be the lucky one! We even went 1/2 on white marlin. I’m looking forward to the 12 day stint we have coming up starting Friday. The Hawk’s Nest Staff did a great job making sure everything went smoothly for the tournament. It really seemed like everyone had a lot of fun!


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4/7 Big Bull

Weather was much better today, sunny and temps in the 80s. The wind went back around to the SE and its supposed to kick up over the week.  Today the fishing was still less than decent, but we managed to put 7 dolphin in the box. One weighed in at 48 pounds. Pretty nice bull!  The bite was awesome.  It came paddling in rom way outside of our spread and lit up neon like  a marlin.  It ate my naked ballyhoo on the left long, then wasted no time going to the right long naked ballyhoo, ate that, then was coming in for the flat lines.  It did all this so fast, and we wound up getting two hooks in it.  It was pretty funny.  Our next trip is Friday.


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Gearing Up

Well from what I have been hearing there are a few big Bluefin tuna being caught out of Oregon Inlet, NC and I know a few people gearing up to go cure their fishing itch.  I have been preparing for two major trips I have coming up.  I will be fishing for billfish out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica on a quick trip March 13-17 and then I will be mating on the Over Under with Captain Joe Trainor in the Bahamas from March 24th until May 10th.  We will be targeting billfish and dredge fishing most of the time, but there will also be plenty of dolphin and wahoo caught.  It would be nice to get a tuna on the deck for fresh sashimi, but Joe said the sharks are a major problem and rarely do they get a tuna to the boat.  It sounds like it is gonna be interesting to say the least.

When I return I will be hopping straight into the snag and drop in Northern NJ searching for a record striped bass with lady angler Maureen Klause.  We are gonna keep our options open throughout March and June since there are a lot of great fisheries that overlap such as the striped bass bite, black drum (which has been slow the past two years), Mako and Blue Shark, and of course yellowfin tuna on the troll in our canyons.  Last year we had some early season eddies which had me fishing offshore in early May.  Hopefully when I get home that will be happening, because there is nothing like offshore fishing!

I hope everyone has their tackle ready to go, reels greased, rigs tied because the 2013 season here in the Mid Atlantic is about to get started.  Be ready in the DE Bay and get your clams reserved because the striper bite should bust wide open for the March 27th Full Moon!

Be sure to follow my page this year for no BS fishing reports from the Bahamas to the Mid Atlantic Waters.

Also, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/captainrickywheeler.  I will be posting a lot of videos and making some fishing webisodes that will be worth watching along with some “How To” videos.

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