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Trip to remember 9/4

Ran out on the Boss Lady with plans for an overnighter. Weather was looking great other than a slight breeze stirring up some chop out of the North, but plenty comfortable on the 50′ East Bay. We got to the canyon with high hopes since a new piece of water moved into their according to the satellite images we saw from Roff’s. As we hit the West Wall we hit the edge of the water and it went up to 77.3 degrees and blue. We had lines in at 4:15 and around 4:40 FISH ON! The center rigger went down (black/purple 8 oz Joe Shute with a medium ballyhoo) then the two long rigger dink baits on circle hooks were hooked up along with some other bites . We ended up pulling one off, got one in after 25 minutes and then right next to the boat we wound up having the hook break on us. Kind of bittersweet, but after seeing the bigeyes were there we made a few changes to our spread.

After that melee, we got back on the troll and started looking for them again. After about 20 minutes, Captain Bill May said, “They are under the boat at 100 feet.” Ten seconds later there were explosions behind every bait. It was insanity, We ended up having 6 come tight. One pulled off on the initial run, and we lost another as the line went slack on the angler and the bigeye threw the hook. After that, we were able to manage getting all four in the boat. We had one straight up and down and the reel cracked, so we had to handline it in the last 50 feet which was wild. Right at the surface the leader parted and Joe managed to get a gaff in it before it sank to the depths. We had the last of the 4 bigeyes in just after sunset, which Bill fought to the end. With everyone stoked and the boxes full of bigeye tuna iced down nice, we started our way back in to Avalon. AMAZING trip! I hope I get to see that again in my lifetime, because it was absolutely incredible watching those 200 pound tunas crashing our baits behind the boat. Thanks to Todd, Bob, Bill, Andy, and Ben for being part of yet again another epic trip with us on the Boss Lady!



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7/9 Tuna Tango

We ran out early Monday morning and spent most of our time dodging the storm systems on the way out.  After we made it to the inshore lumps, we saw great marks and got setup on the anchor.  Captain Bill May walked to the back of the boat with his new Fin Nor Offshore spinning reel/Fin Nor jigging stick combo and dropped down an Ava Jig.  He was hooked up in no time.  After about a 40 minute fight in a downpour and a team effort, we managed to put the 100 pound bluefin tuna in the boat.  Always nice to start the day with the first fish successfully on the deck.  We continued to chunk butterfish and sardines, and it turned out to be one of those days you dream of.

The tuna had us dancing all over the boat doing the tuna tango with the multiple hookups and the fish running the anglers all around the boat.  We went on to get hooked up over 30 times, and at one point we had the fish schooled up thick behind the boat that we were handline feeding the fish and getting hooked up one after another.  We had 4 fish on at one point.  It was amazing.  We wound up putting 3 yellowfin in the boat and releasing over 15 bluefin tuna ranging from 50-110 lbs.  The yellowfin were 40 pound class fish. We didn’t get many bites on jigs, most of everything was on sardines and whole butterfish.  What an amazing day of tuna fishing on the Boss Lady.

Yellowfin Tuna

bluefin tuna

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6/25 – Tuna Lockjaw

I mated on the Boss Lady today with Captain Bill May.  We headed out towards the 100 fathom line in between the Spencer and the Wilmington Canyon and were on the troll by 7:00 am.  There were literally hundreds of boats out there, and it made fishing tough.  The weather was absolutely perfect, but that’s about as good as our day got.  We never had a fish in our spread all day, and many others had the same problem while there were a lucky few that got into some Bigeyes and Blue Marlin.  There was a fantastic Bigeye bite throughout the day, especially in the Wilmington Canyon.  A lot of boats also saw tuna rolling on the surface  all over, but they just would not bite anything.  We even saw it once during the day, and not getting the fish to bite was extremely frustrating.  We tried all different kinds of tricks, but nothing worked out.

It’s looking like we are going to have a little bit of rough weather the next couple of days, but as long as the forecasts stays as predicted, we will be out again Thursday on the Boss Lady.

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