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4/22 Action!!!

Today was about as EPIC as fishing gets.  Due to the Transmission problem on the OverUnder, we were able to use a friend’s boat for the final day, a 52′ Viking called “So What”  We had a stiff 15 knot SE wind and is was obvious a new, better piece of water moved into the area.  We had a lot of scattered weed again.  As I was letting out the first line a white marlin piled onto the bait and he was hooked up well for a while then popped off.  Everything was super aggressive today, and dolphin were crushing our teasers!  Early in the day Mark got to tangle with a nice Bull that turned out to weigh 54.5 pounds.  It put on an awesome aerial display after it was hooked and after a solid 15 minute battle the fish was in the boat.

We fished around the Caves most of the day and had a lot of bilfish bites.  We managed to pick up a sailfish and a shortbill spearfish was a really wild catch since you rarely ever see them.  We had 4 sailfish bites, a blue marlin, 3 white marlin, and the spearfish come into our spread today.  It was one of those days where things just didn’t quite pan out right with the marlin.  Some would get hooked and jump off, and some were just flat out blind bites and missed.  Needless to say it was frustrating since we missed a solid shot at a Super Slam, but it was an action packed day of fishing and everyone was amped.  Thanks to Gary, Rich, Mark, and Drew for fishing with us!  We definitely had an awesome time!

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Gearing Up

Well from what I have been hearing there are a few big Bluefin tuna being caught out of Oregon Inlet, NC and I know a few people gearing up to go cure their fishing itch.  I have been preparing for two major trips I have coming up.  I will be fishing for billfish out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica on a quick trip March 13-17 and then I will be mating on the Over Under with Captain Joe Trainor in the Bahamas from March 24th until May 10th.  We will be targeting billfish and dredge fishing most of the time, but there will also be plenty of dolphin and wahoo caught.  It would be nice to get a tuna on the deck for fresh sashimi, but Joe said the sharks are a major problem and rarely do they get a tuna to the boat.  It sounds like it is gonna be interesting to say the least.

When I return I will be hopping straight into the snag and drop in Northern NJ searching for a record striped bass with lady angler Maureen Klause.  We are gonna keep our options open throughout March and June since there are a lot of great fisheries that overlap such as the striped bass bite, black drum (which has been slow the past two years), Mako and Blue Shark, and of course yellowfin tuna on the troll in our canyons.  Last year we had some early season eddies which had me fishing offshore in early May.  Hopefully when I get home that will be happening, because there is nothing like offshore fishing!

I hope everyone has their tackle ready to go, reels greased, rigs tied because the 2013 season here in the Mid Atlantic is about to get started.  Be ready in the DE Bay and get your clams reserved because the striper bite should bust wide open for the March 27th Full Moon!

Be sure to follow my page this year for no BS fishing reports from the Bahamas to the Mid Atlantic Waters.

Also, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/captainrickywheeler.  I will be posting a lot of videos and making some fishing webisodes that will be worth watching along with some “How To” videos.

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9/25 Wahoo and Whites

I ran the 27′ Contender “Trade In” with Maureen Klause, Cullen Wright, and Joe Carey in search of wahoo and white marlin.  There has been a consistent bite of some wahoo and white marlin around the Hot Dog and the lumps outside of it to 50 fathoms.  The ride there was a little rough, and the SW 15 knot wind kicked up the seas throughout the day, but we still fished.  We started our morning at the Hot Dog and I was marking solid bait on the edge at 160 feet of water.  We dropped a planar down with a blue/white Hawaiian Eye with a ballyhoo on wire behind it and WHAM!  It was whacked within 10 minutes and up to the surface came a nice wahoo screaming out line and jumping all over the surface.  Maureen was on her first ever wahoo and after about 20 minutes of gaining line back, we had a nice 65-70 pound wahoo in the boat!

We got back on the troll and went back over the same area and we hooked into another wahoo.  Cullen reeled this one in which was his first wahoo and in came another nice 40# wahoo.  I worked the area a little longer but the bait disappeared and a friend was just offshore of me and had 2 white marlin already, so we pulled up the planer, put the dredge in and worked out.  Once we got into 45 fathoms we started seeing the bait and put a nice gaffer dolphin in the boat.  We were looking for a white for Joe since he had never caught one and after working the bait for a while, we had a white come up and hammer a bait.  It took a screaming run and the white marlin made Joe work hard to get the release, but he stayed on it and we got a quick snapshot of him with his first white before the release.

It was later in the day so we started working in towards the Tea Cup where I saw on the satellite shot that the same 73 degree water was, and it was on our heading for home.   Once we got inside 40 fathoms we put the planar back down and we were on with our 3rd wahoo which I actually got to have fun with on the rod and reel.  We put that 40 pounder in the boat and called it a day.  Fun day of fishing and plenty of wahoo meat – my favorite!

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