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Catching Up

It has been awhile since I have reported basically because I have been snowboarding in Vermont, especially since the weather in NJ has not really allowed any fish days this month.  Tog and sea bass action is good for those who have made their way out in the short weather windows.  I will be back at it again in early January for Striped Bass and maybe Sea Bass in Virginia Beach on the Trade In with Maureen Klause and my friend Vinny.  Hopefully the fish show up in big numbers like they did last year when we were there, but inside the 3 mile line this time.  The end of January I will be in Costa Rica billfishing, so January I should have a few reports posted on here.  Until then, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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Gearing Up

Well from what I have been hearing there are a few big Bluefin tuna being caught out of Oregon Inlet, NC and I know a few people gearing up to go cure their fishing itch.  I have been preparing for two major trips I have coming up.  I will be fishing for billfish out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica on a quick trip March 13-17 and then I will be mating on the Over Under with Captain Joe Trainor in the Bahamas from March 24th until May 10th.  We will be targeting billfish and dredge fishing most of the time, but there will also be plenty of dolphin and wahoo caught.  It would be nice to get a tuna on the deck for fresh sashimi, but Joe said the sharks are a major problem and rarely do they get a tuna to the boat.  It sounds like it is gonna be interesting to say the least.

When I return I will be hopping straight into the snag and drop in Northern NJ searching for a record striped bass with lady angler Maureen Klause.  We are gonna keep our options open throughout March and June since there are a lot of great fisheries that overlap such as the striped bass bite, black drum (which has been slow the past two years), Mako and Blue Shark, and of course yellowfin tuna on the troll in our canyons.  Last year we had some early season eddies which had me fishing offshore in early May.  Hopefully when I get home that will be happening, because there is nothing like offshore fishing!

I hope everyone has their tackle ready to go, reels greased, rigs tied because the 2013 season here in the Mid Atlantic is about to get started.  Be ready in the DE Bay and get your clams reserved because the striper bite should bust wide open for the March 27th Full Moon!

Be sure to follow my page this year for no BS fishing reports from the Bahamas to the Mid Atlantic Waters.

Also, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/captainrickywheeler.  I will be posting a lot of videos and making some fishing webisodes that will be worth watching along with some “How To” videos.

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