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Wahoo Fishing Grand Cayman – VIDEO

Here is the video from our Overnighter fishing the infamous Pickle Bank off of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.  Be sure to watch in HD.


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3/20 Big Torpedos!!!

Today was our second day here in San Sal and it produced exactly what we were looking for, a 107 pound wahoo! With calm seas and mostly sunny skies, the weather was perfect again! First bite on the deep rod with a split tail mullet winds up with Sid hooked into a solid wahoo. It made a short screaming run, then had enough. I wired it up to my gaff, joe ran down from the bridge to sink the second gaff in and on the deck she went. Wahoooooooo!!!!

We managed to get two more wahoo, one got Sharked unfortunately and we got half, and also 4 nice dolphins. The action was spread out throughout the day, and there was plenty of life between the birds and fish breaking the surface all day. Extremely fun day of fishing!




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3/18 and 3/19

We got out first group (Jeff, Sid, and Ronny) in at Cat Island on Monday night and got all settled in. We started off fishing Cat on Tuesday and got into a few dolphin and small tunas, but no wahoo. It was blowing 15-25 out of the south all day, but we still made our way to San Salvador.

Today (3/19) we had flat calm seas and it was cloudy throughout most of the day with a little rain. We fished the ridge with one wahoo bite that bit the trolling weight, but otherwise slow start. Joe pushed off to the hump where we had 4 wahoos on. Lost one on the initial run, and put 2/3 into the boat in the 40-60 pound range and were Sid and Ronny’s first wahoos. Congratulations guys! We dropped lines it right away and WHAM! Another wahoo on! Jeff brought in the 35-40 pound hoo nicely.

We started seeing a few more frigates and dolphin were picking at a bait here and there as we out a few of those into the box along with a lot of little blackfin tunas. We had a nice bull that was easily over 40 pounds eat a skirted ballyhoo behind the trolling weight, but managed to throw the hook after a couple amazing jumps. That one was a heartbreaker!

Anyway, pretty solid start to the trip with a great group of guys. Looking forward to another 2 days fishing in San Sal!


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